Girls (hair up for all classes):

Pre Ballet/Tap

  •  Any dance suit and tights (or socks)
  • Pink ballet shoes (leather preferred)
  • White Tap Shoes

Primary Ballet

  •  Pink dance suit & pink tights (or socks)
  •  Pink Ballet shoes (leather preferred)

Primary Tap & Jazz

  •  Any dance suit & tights (or socks)
  • Black Tap Shoes
  • Black Jazz Shoes

Age 6-12

  •  Ballet
  • Black Dance suit & tights
  • Pink ballet shoes

Tap & Jazz

  •  Any leotard & tights
  • Shorts, capris or leggings allowed
  • Black Tap Shoes
  • Black Jazz Shoes



  •  White t-shirt
  • Black Shorts
  • (boys over 13 must wear a dance belt)
  • Black ballet shoes

 Tap & Jazz & Acro 

  •  Any t-shirt/tank
  • Shorts or active wear pants
  • Black tap shoes & Black Jazz Shoes
  • Acro- Barefoot

Boys & Girls

Hip Hop (All Levels)

  •  Comfortable stretch clothing
  • Clean sneakers or barefoot


  • Biketard (dance suit w/shorts)
  • Barefoot


Creative Movement

  • Comfortable Clothes or dance suit
  • Socks, ballet shoes or barefoot

Get Movin’

  • Comfortable Clothes or dance suit
  • Socks, ballet shoes or barefoot

Teeny Tumblers

  • Comfortable Clothes or dance suit
  • Socks, ballet shoes or barefoot

Hip Hop

  • Comfortable Clothes
  • Clean sneakers or barefoot


  • Black Tap Shoes
  • Black Jazz Shoes



  • Black leotard – tank or camisole
  • Ballet pink tights – convertible
  • Hair in bun


  • Black leotard – tank or camisole
  • Shorts, capris, leggings acceptable
  • Tap Tie Shoes
  • Hair up


  • Black leotard – tank or camisole
  • Shorts, leggings, capris acceptable
  • See instructor for shoes
  • Hair up


  • Black Leotard
  • Leggings acceptable
  • Dance paws
  • Hair up 

Classes begin promptly on time and we ask that you kindly plan accordingly and arrive 15 minutes prior to your class.

We encourage parents to –Both locations have large viewing windows. The Barneveld studio also has a closed circuit camera for Studio B.

We accept cash, check or credit card payment due prior to each class. Multiple class and pre-payment discounts are available. Please inquire.


  • $35 non-refundable registration fee
  • ½ hour class – $35 per month
  • ¾ hour class – $40 per month
  • 1 hour class – $45 per month

Costumes are NOT included in tuition and a deposit of $30 is paid in October in order for a costume to be ordered. The balance is paid in January. We try to keep costume costs down and average around $45-$55 (not including any extra-large sizes). See “Performances” for more info.

We accept Cash, Check or Credit Cards.

Snow days will be broadcast via email and text alert, Facebook and local tv and radio broadcast.

The following are guidelines, please inquire for more detail.

Pre School – Students Age 2 ½ to 5 years old.

Primary – Students Age 5 to 7 years old. These are important years in dance education and we encourage students to take ballet in order to progress in any style of dance.

Level 1 – Students Age 8-12 in their first years of dance approximately 1-4 years experience

Level 2 – Students Age 8-12 with approximately 5-8 years of experience (starting at the Primary Level)

Level 3 – Students Age 8-14 with 8+ years experience – This level may be eligible to compete with solos/duets/trios

Level 4– Students Age 11+ with 8+ years experience – This level is eligible to compete with solos/duets /trios

Level 5 – Students 13+ with 10+ years experience – This level is eligible to compete with solos/duets /trio

Attendance is a crucial part of becoming proficient in any activity. And while we do understand that from time to time you may not be able to make a class we do encourage 100% attendance. We encourage ALL students to attend class on a regular basis so as not to fall behind or hold the class up. Please call the studio ahead if you will not be in class and notify us of any extended illnesses. We do not give out attendance awards.

Each class in the semester is designed to build upon the previous class. Please allow extra time for changing and putting shoes on (especially in the winter). Each class includes an important warm up. Missing this may lead to injury. Any student missing more than 15 minutes of class may be asked to sit out if crucial warm ups are missed. If you anticipate being late, please call so that we may have an assistant help the student warm up while the class continues.

A detailed handbook is provided when you sign up for class.